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Scaling/Cleaning, Does it harm your teeth?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

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Dental Scaling

Time and again I have many parents asking if cleaning or scaling their teeth is really good for them and their children or will it result in weakening of their teeth.

So what exactly is this scaling? Scaling or cleaning is a preventive treatment that involves in removal of the built up tartar/Calculus (hardened plaque deposits i.e. food debris, bacteria) covering the outer surface of the teeth. The tartar is strongly bound to the teeth and makes them look dull and dirty and hence can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning.

Apart from being a cosmetic problem the accumulated tartar is very harmful to oral health as it causes red, swollen, tender gums that tend to bleed easily often during and after tooth brushing. Bleeding gums is a sign that your mouth is unhealthy and needs prompt attention. If left untreated, this can advance to bone loss and weakening of the teeth.

Also, many studies link gum disease with serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes and dementia so management of gum disease is essential for protecting overall health.

Scaling doesn’t remove the enamel or the outer surface of the teeth but helps in getting a brighter and whiter smile. Scaling and deep cleaning of gums also prevents bad breath and bleeding gums.

So scaling your teeth is a good thing isn’t it?

Some people who have bone loss may feel slight mobility of their teeth after scaling that’s because the deposits that was holding their teeth firmly have been removed during the scaling. However, the calculus that was holding the teeth in their position was also slowly eating up their bone which would end up in the teeth becoming loose and leading to tooth loss in the end.

So the bottom line is if you want to keep your teeth you must take care of your gums by paying close attention to your daily hygiene routine, which should involve brushing and flossing twice a day everyday and getting a professional cleaning done every six months to keep the nasty tartar away.

I am happy to answer any queries you might have on scaling, please feel free to contact me on 065242550 or through my contact us page.

Happy holidays J

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