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How to make your child’s dental visits stress free??

We all know visiting the Dentist is stressful for both parents and their kids. Some children are eager to meet us but there are others who are extremely anxious or fearful of visiting us. However as parents there are certain dos and don’ts you should be aware of so that your child is calm before bringing them in for their dental checkups.

DR. Shweta - Pediatric Dentist
Ready to visit the Pediatric Dentist

Some of the children we see are extremely afraid of the dentist because they don’t know what’s coming their way especially if it is their 1st dental visit with us. In this case you should talk to your child about the Pediatric Dentist before their dental appointment is due. You can let them know where they are going and always be positive about it. Don’t use negative words in your explanations as this will unnecessarily scare them. Please avoid using negative words such as needle, injections, pain, shots or any other words suggesting an unpleasant experience.

The American academy of Pediatric dentistry suggests taking your child to the Pediatric dentist before their 1st birthday so take your child to the Pediatric dentist as early as possible. This will help them get adjusted to the environment easily plus receiving early care and advice always helps in preventing serious dental problems later on.

Pediatric Dental clinics are usually designed keeping children in mind, so they are definitely going to be a fun place for a child to visit but why not try and pair your child’s dental appointment with other fun activities like taking them to their favorite play area or kids’ movies or their favorite restaurant to make it a fantastic day out after visiting their dentist. Lastly encourage your child to brush and floss at home twice a day every single day. Once they are familiar with this routine, they might not be that anxious in visiting us.

If your child is anxious and avoids visiting the dentist please feel free to get in touch with me and I will be happy to have a chat..

Call or Whatsapp us on 065242550.

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