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Are baby teeth Important?

Parents in general are unaware that milk teeth are important for their child’s dental health. They feel these are temporary teeth and will fall out and get replaced quickly so why do they need to take care of them. This is a very common misconception I confront in my practice.

Milk teeth not only help your child in eating, talking and smiling but also serve as space holders in your child’s mouth, ensuring that their adult teeth come in their proper position.

So if your child’s tooth falls out prematurely or is removed at an earlier age because of decay or pain and there’s no sign of the permanent teeth coming in that area, then I would highly recommend that you visit our pediatric dental clinic at the earliest. The reason being, the neighboring teeth might move into the remaining gap resulting in crowding/misalignment of the adult teeth.

This could lead to many dental complications, including a very expensive and painful orthodontic treatment for your child in the future.

To decrease the risk of these problems, as a Pediatric Dentist, I would recommend placing a space maintainer in such cases.

To know if your child needs a space maintainer, you can get in touch with me on 065242550 or feel free to leave your number through our contact us page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Space Maintainer - Pediatric Dentistry
Space Maintainer

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