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How to protect your child from tooth decay?

Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Sealants

According to WHO 60% to 90% of school children worldwide have dental cavities. Tooth decay which can have a significant impact on the general health and development of children is also an area of concern in the UAE.

It is a known fact that the contributing factors to this are poor oral hygiene habits, snacking on sugary foods, genetics etc. This especially is of grave concern to practitioners like myself when we see cavities in a child’s permanent teeth.

It is important to protect these new adult teeth from decay, because those are the final set of teeth your child will have, and you want them to stay healthy and strong for their entire life.

As a Specialist Pediatric Dentist, I would highly emphasize Dental Sealants to prevent most of the cavities in your child’s permanent teeth. According to American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, kids who have these sealants have fewer cavities then those who don’t have them at all.

The sealant application process doesn’t involve any drilling and is very easy for kids to handle. Their teeth are first cleaned and then a strong white protective coating is painted on to the chewing surfaces of their back teeth serving as a barrier against bacteria and food particles. Next, a special light is used to harden this material. Sealants can be tooth colored or transparent. Sealants normally last from anywhere between five to ten years, and we make sure to keep a check on them whenever your child comes in for their dental check-up.

The best time for your child to get dental sealants is soon after their adult molars come into their mouth which is usually when they turn six. The sooner the sealants are in place, the less of an opportunity bacteria have of invading their pearly whites. Therefore it is a sensible choice to undergo a dental sealants process as a complete protection against decay and cavities in children’s teeth. However, sealants are still beneficial when applied later on in life. Older children and even adults can get them and have their teeth protected as well.

However, once your kids have these placed this doesn’t mean that they can get away from the daily brushing and flossing but it does make adult teeth stronger against decay. It is very important to encourage good daily brushing and flossing habits.

I would be happy to have a chat or answer your queries on Dental Sealants. You can always get in touch with me either through my contact us page or by calling my practice on 065242550.

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