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Does your child suffer from Halitosis or Bad breath?

Pediatric Dentist

Bad breath or Halitosis is a very common condition that can be treated easily. If your child wakes up in the morning and has bad breath it is not something to worry about as this will go away by itself once they have their breakfast and brush their teeth.

There are multiple reasons why your child maybe suffering from bad breath.

- Having Poor oral hygiene habits tops this list. Poor oral hygiene is the main reason for bad breath in children. Fortunately this can be easily monitored and managed by parents. Your child needs to use a good toothbrush whose bristles aren’t frayed and they need to brush at least twice per day for two minutes, and floss once per day. The floss you give them should be appropriate for their age and they should be comfortable while using it. When they floss, be sure they clean both sides of the tooth, and under the gum so that the entire tooth surface is clean.

- Leftover Food particles that are sticky and get stuck in the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth after their meals can also result in bad breath and dental cavities. Always make sure your children rinse their mouth properly after having their meals. If that doesn’t help, then have them floss their teeth to remove any leftover food debris.

- Saliva is a natural cleanser. Decreased salivary flow results in a dry mouth which causes bad breath. This happens if your child’s water intake is less. Make sure your child is well hydrated and drinks 8 to 10 cups of water a day to avoid this problem. Your child can also eat cheese, apples, carrots as these foods help in increasing the salivary flow and thus improving their breath.

- Dietary Choices also effect your child’s breath. Pungent foods such as garlic, onions etc can result in a sour breath as well. - Certain medications can cause bad breath too. Especially medications like antihistamines can decrease the saliva in the mouth and lead to a dry mouth. To avoid this parent’s should make sure that their children are maintaining a proper oral care routine.

Other causes of bad breath in children and teenagers include mouth or throat infections, a blocked nose, gum disease, tooth decay or abscesses.

If your child suffers from bad breath that doesn’t improve by brushing and proper dental hygiene then a Pediatric Dentist can help diagnose the exact cause and provide a treatment plan for them.

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