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Foods that can help oral health

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
Pediatric Dentist

You’d probably agree that there are foods that can cause cavities. Avoiding sugary sodas and candies is just one way to slow down the demineralization process.

However, you may not have realized that there are foods that can actually prevent and even reverse cavities.

Diet that helps to heal existing cavities also helps to prevent new ones from forming.

Foods rich in vitamin D, vitamin K2, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus will help your teeth remineralize and stave off cavities, while also helping to reverse any current cavity formation through remineralization.

Also, when eating acidic and/or sugary foods, remember to think about it wisely. You should try rinsing your mouth after eating these types of foods whenever possible and minimize your intake.

If you have any queries on your child's oral health, you can message me & I would be glad to help!!

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