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Do your kids brush their teeth? Are they using fluoridated tooth paste??

I see many children on a daily basis in my Dental clinic who either don’t brush often enough or don’t brush at all. Some parents are unaware that they need to start brushing their child’s teeth at a much earlier age. Some kids are using too much tooth paste and some to my surprise use tooth pastes that are meant for adults.

Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
Pediatric Dentist

Children are prone to getting tooth decay as soon as the first tooth comes into their mouths. Untreated tooth decay results in pain, infections, and problems in eating, speaking in the long term.

So tooth brushing is something you need to be on top of if you want your child to have the perfect oral health. A child’s tooth requires fluoride to strengthen their teeth and make their teeth more resistant to decay and this mineral is added to all fluoridated tooth pastes. Fluoride is also added in drinking and tap water in many countries around the world.

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends fluoridated toothpaste to be used for children as soon as their 1st tooth erupts. Some parents worry about their child swallowing the tooth paste but this can be avoided by using the correct amount of tooth paste. A child younger than 3 years should brush with a smear of fluoridated tooth paste that is literally less than the size of a grain of rice. If a child is older than 3 yrs then a pea sized amount of tooth paste should be used.

Parents should supervise their children brushing and spitting out toothpaste until good brushing habits are formed.

As a Pediatric Dentist, I always emphasize on the importance of brushing for two minutes twice a day every day. This greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay. Treating cavities is important but preventing cavities is best. My advice to all the parents is that using appropriate tooth paste & routine dental checkups should start no later than a child’s 1st birthday.

I would be happy to answer all your queries with regards to your child’s oral health, you can get in touch with me though my contact us page or call/whatsapp 065242550.

Happy brushing!!

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