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Dental Trauma & Emergency Dental Care for Kids.

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah

Spring holidays are here and it is time for kids to have fun. Most of the dental injuries happen while kids play in parks, ride bicycles in the corniche, roller-skate, run around the swimming pool, or simply bump into their friends or siblings heads while playing.

A lot of these injuries are relatively minor and not worrisome but sometimes the more severe injuries can have lasting and often permanent effects on the teeth.

The injuries we see in our clinic range between chipping the front teeth to loosening of a front baby tooth or knocking a baby tooth /adult tooth out altogether. You as a parent might get extremely anxious and panic at that time but if you are aware of what to do before any such tragedy occurs then you will be in a much better position to deal with it when it actually does.

If your child has chipped his front tooth, you should take him to a Pediatric dentist depending on the severity of the chipped tooth and how painful it is. A Chipped tooth might become rough or uneven after the dental trauma. It can be smoothed or polished in the clinic so that it doesn’t injure your child’s lips or tongue. Teeth with slightly larger chips can often be treated with cosmetic bonding with tooth-colored filling materials. In case of permanent teeth, where more of the tooth structure is missing, the best solution may be veneers or crowns.

However, if the tooth is painful, sensitive to heat or cold or producing other symptoms consider it as a dental emergency and visit a Pediatric Dentist right away. X-ray of the injured area might also be advised to make sure the child does not have any cracks/root fractures. Immediately after an injury If your child’s gums are bleeding and if he has a swelling then you can make him rinse his mouth with water and use an ice pack on his face to bring down the swelling. Make sure your child bites down on a cotton gauze on the way to the Pediatric Dental Clinic.

If your child has broken his tooth and you have the missing fragment with you, I would advise you to bring it to the clinic so we can reattach it to his tooth.

There are times when parents may notice a change in the color of the child’s front teeth, this maybe a sign that your child may have had a dental trauma in the past. This also indicates the tooth’s blood supply has been affected and a Pediatric Dentist needs to have a look to see what can be done in such cases.

If an adult tooth is knocked out of your child's mouth, the best thing to do is to put it right back into the same area it came out from. Once that's done, try to get your Pediatric Dentist immediately for a thorough checkup and stabilization of the tooth.

If the tooth won't go back in for any reason, it's important to keep the tooth's root from drying out. Immerse the tooth in plain milk. See a Pediatric dentist as soon as possible. If a baby tooth is knocked out, please do not attempt to re-implant the tooth. Visit your Pediatric Dentist to have your child seen.

Seeing a Pediatric Dentist for dental injuries is important, as they are trained to handle dental emergencies in infants, toddlers, young children and do understand they can be very frightening for kids. To know more or if you are in a similar situation you can get in touch with me through my contact us page or call: 065242550…

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