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Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah

Your Kid's Friendly Dentist!!

Why a specialist Pediatric Dentist for your child??

Pediatric Dentist are specifically trained to treat children's developing teeth. Pediatric Dentist know the unique problems that children face, such as cavities and gum problems. Pediatric Dentist understand the complexities of how teeth grow and develop and can keep an eye out for potential problems. Lastly, Pediatric Dentist have experience in dealing with frightened children and can help your child feel at ease and comfortable.

Get to know your Pediatric Dentist

 Dr. Shweta Bhatia is a Specialist Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah, She has completed her Bachelors in Dentistry from Ajman University and then completed her Masters in Pediatric Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London as she is passionate about kids and their oral health. She as a specialist dentist for kids is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through to the teen years. This includes children with special health care needs as well. 

As a specialist pediatric dentistshe understands that all children have different coping abilitiesYoung children, pre-teens, and teenagers all need different approaches in helping them manage or overcome their dental fears.

Dr. Shweta Bhatia believes that great smiles start early and she looks forward to getting to know you and your children as you work together to reach your child’s optimum oral health. Her goal is to make your child’s dental experience as positive as possible.

At her Pediatric Dental clinic in Sharjah and Dubai, the caring staff and child friendly environment makes dentistry fun and exciting. Your children will enjoy watching their favorite cartoons as they get their dental treatment done. Please feel free to contact the clinic to schedule an oral health evaluation for your child or simply fill the contact us form on our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What Parents Say...

We had an amazing experience at New Bhatia Medical Centre. My kids no longer fear dental visits after being treated by Dr. Shweta Bhatia who really made our visit worth it! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and made us very comfortable. My 6 year olds root canal treatment was brilliant and i would recommend all to visit this clinic especially anyone looking for paediatric treatment and adults treatment alike. The clinic additionlly had a very positive vibe and extremely spick and span. Thankyou Dr Shweta Bhatia for making our experience so worth it for my kids!!:)  

- Pooja Mehta 

Highly recommended pediatric dentist in Sharjah. Dr. Bhatia was patient and explained everything in great detail. She knows how to deal with kids and ensures that my son is very comfortable before commencing the procedure. The staff, like her, friendly and professional. The outcome of my son’s treatment was excellent.

- Mardie Samson Bitong

Friendly staff, lovely facilities, and the best was my son’s pediatric dentist, Dr Shweta Bhatia. She’s very good and my child had wonderful experience with her. For a child to get his tooth extracted, he didn’t fear it because of his dentist.

-Pretty Isleta-Revilla

We had a very good experience at New Bhatia Medical centre,doctor is very kind and calm she treat kids in a very good way n sweetly my son had so much fear to visit dentist whenever we took him to the dental checkup he starts crying coz of this doctors can't treat his tooth infection but very very thanks to Dr Shweta Bhatia she talk with him in a very good way n now my son is very happy with Dr Shweta his all fear gone. they have a good staff and good environment.we highly recommend. the New Bhatia Medical centre for kids as well as adults

Gurpal Singh Rayat 

Ok so being mum is not at all easy you are always on ride of roller coster emotionally n i mean it always 
My son had cavities which need to be filled asap so it wont increase and got worse firstly i took him to pedodontics in ajman considering she is associated with good hospital and must b good but ws wrong 
My 4 yr got so bad experience with her she ws nt at all kids friendly so flat expression and treated him like adult ( bsss ajao n kam karao )
He was so cooperative til she treat anyways my son gt scared after which i took him to 4 other dr but he was cranky n non cooperative 100% 
Than i gt to know about @dr_anamfaruki she was so nice to my son really appreciated she tried best to mingle with my son but he was nt ready ( i know he is too stubborn 🤦‍♀️) Than she suggested me Dr shweta at @newbhatiamedical sharjah and OMG what an amazing dr she is 
In first visit my beta sahab bot ready to open his. Mouth for check up only but after 1 hr struggle with lots of offers he opens n she any how checked max she can but she waited so patiently with my super loud kid
I tried to convince my son a lot to get it done but no success last choice for general anesthesia i went back to her told her to do so plz there was another dr with her she said ok let us try you parents go out side i dnt know how those two convinced him how they control him which we two (mom n dad) couldn’t but in half n hour it was all done without any sedatives or gas used by dentists for kids and above all beta sahab was all ok 😊😳 I am really thank full for Dr. Shweta dnt know if she is on instagram @newbhatiamedical and the other dr who helped so nicely n I forgot to ask her name 
Trust me if they can handle my son they can handle any kid without additional accessories And above all it was tooook reasonable i mean not even half what they charge in Dubai and with super lovely Doctors 

@juggling_struggling_mama (Instagram)

Amazing, finally my kid completed first filling after unsuccessful tries with other doctors...

- Yousef Mahmoud

We saw Dr. Shweta Bhatia for my son who had several dental cavities. The Doctor is very kind and gentle with children. She did a very good job and her two dental assistants are also very good. I recommend it very strongly for children.

- Jessy

went here for me and my toodler's teeth and it resolve with ease. very accomodating doctors and will explain every questions you have in mind.

Iris Sefranek

Pediatric dentist is very good. very pleasant and clean clinic

Madiha Ansari 

I visited Dr Shweta Bhatia for my daughter's tooth removal and fillings. Everything was explained very well to us and my daughter loves her Pediatric Dentist. I would strongly recommend Dr Shweta to all other parents looking for a Pediatric Dentist!!

Meeta Sugandh

We loved our experience here. Dr. Shweta, pediatric dentist was very helpful and patient with my 4 yr old who was very scared of visiting a dentist . Dr. Shweta helped him to be calm and overcome his fear. The clinic is very clean and cozy and I highly recommend it for all.

- Sarah Ismail

A lovely clinic and lovely people.Dr. Shweta and the team are very professional.I am very impressed with the treatment and services. Dr.Shweta is very patient and kind to the kids.I highly recommend the clinic to everyone.

Rabia Atif

After 7 years of bad experience. No words can describe how good is the dental treatment here for kids. After visiting many Pediatric Dentist in Dubai/Sharjah/Ajman. I highly recommend this clinic to all those who don't know anything about child dentistry & issues with children. How to manage year on year as child grows. it is very important to know how to take care of kids after treatments. 5star to treatments done.

Leave your worries at home. New bhatia medical centre is one place you can come for your child treatment without any knowledge.

Muhammad Bilal

Highly recommended....My son was very happy after his tooth extraction and that was painless also.

Shamna Anshad 

My son had a terrible pain with his teeth. But dr. Shweta's experienced hands turned everything into a pleasurable experience. We highly recommend Dr. Shweta.


Amazing!! I found Dr. Shweta to be extremely professional and proficient in comforting and managing my child. All our queries and concerns were addressed patiently and reassuringly. The clinic is very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

- Amna Asif

I would have let my kids write the review if he could have.. he's 4.. therefore I have to... He doesn't want to miss any of his appointments even the fear and anxiety of the dentist and drilling doesn't bother him.. all because of Dr shewta's professionalism and friendlyness.. I as a mother highly recommend her cause the smile that she puts on my kids faces is just priceless. Thumbs up and bravo..

Maryam Rajper

Dr.Swetha is the best paedodontist in daughter Nakshatra is so fond of going there and doctor is so good at handling kids...Her smile itself is so graceful that kids feel so comfortable with her ...Doctor puts cartoon for kids n she handles them so delicately that kids dont feel they are on a dental chair..The clinic is very clean and hygenic as well...

Sreeja Viswanath

My son had a chronic fear of dentists and on two occasions I had to pull him out from a middle of a session as he got so scared. This was before I took him to New Bhatia Clinic. However, at New Bhatia Clinic from the get go I could see he was feeling comfortable and was not exactly scared. He got the root canal done and he was as relaxed as one can be. He will be writing his own review as well but as a parent I was very much at ease because I knew my son was in safe hands. Thank you Dr Shweta and Dr Huma.

Mohammed Faraz Abbasi

Best paediatric dentist in Sharjah. My kids love to visit this clinic. Highly recommended.

Mohammed Nehan

It is a clean, hygienic and a very well equipped clinic. The staff is polite and answers to all the questions appropriately. Booking an appointment was never so easy coz u can book an appointment just on a watsapp text. Dr. Shweta Bhatia is a highly qualified and an experienced pediatric dentist who has always adviced me sensibly and treated my child with care and concern.

sabah khatri

The best pediatric dentist. After a long trouble in finding the correct doctor for the treatment of my daughter, we managed to find this place And dr. Shewta was too good and handled my daughters treatment with supper good care.. highly recommended clinic for all your pediatric dental needs.. and very friendly without any doubt..

- Ashraq Rahumathulla

Very friendly doctors. I had dental treatment done for my 5 years old and really liked how the doctor helped to calm down my son before the treatment. Definitely will recommend for people looking for dentist for their kids!

Hassan Mahmood

Very good and clean pediatric dental clinic Staff is so nice and friendly Highly recommended

khalid gady

Patient my son Shivansh It was his first experience having a dental treatment. But thanks to doc Shweta and the nurse they made it so comfortable and easy that it went very well. All major precautions were also taken . Thanks a ton

-Nisha Maratha

I highly recommend Dr. Shweta Bhatia for your child’s Pediatric Dentist. She and her team provides a good service. Very friendly and let your child be comfortable with them. I am happy that my 4 year old son is not complaining after a successful tooth extraction in New Bhatia Medical Centre. 🙂 👍

-Ginny Lee Pilar

Good service. Great place. Has entertainment for kids. Highly recommend. Review done by my 11 year old son who underwent the treatment.

-Mohamed Roshan

I would like to thank the Doctor and all the staff in New Bhatia Medical Centre for their service.They make us feel kid was very happy after the treatment...its a kids friendly clinic...will recommend this clinic to all who are especially looking for Pediatric Dentistry..


Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. Shweta Bhatia were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Shweta Bhatia really took her time to explain the dental conditions of my 5yrs old daughter with me as well as her treatment options. Also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. I had a great visit and the doctor demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this dental clinic for ur little once’s.

-Kashaf Sayyed

5 Stars are not enough for their service and the personalized treatment they are providing. It feels like home. Keep up the good work!

-Sohail Raza

I visited this medical centre couple of times for my daughter, overall experience was very good.. doctor and the nurse were taking good care of the kid and without much struggling they able to do root canal for my kid.. really well maintained and organized.. location wise also easily accessible..i personally felt its one of the best clinic for kids dental care ,so considering overall experience am giving 5stars..

-Hari krishnan

Best place for anything related to Kid's Dental health. First, the dental assistant makes the child comfortable with the clinic. Once this is done, the treatment is started and you will be amazed with the child's co-operation level with the doctor and the staff. Kids would love as much as being at home. Dr. Shweta Bhatia is a professional with her job. Dental assistant is so kind and friendly. Thanks to the entire team. Highly recommended place !!!

-Hariharan Chempothnalil Sivan

Best place for children's dental care. My daughters first visit to a dental care and Dr. Shwetha bhatia and the Nurse made her totally relaxed and provided the best care for her. Nice and clean place following all COVID-19 norms, would recommend anyone for their Pediatric dental needs.

-Ganesh Sankar

Best place for children's Dental care in Sharjah My daughter's first visit to a dental care and the Nurse Nimmy & Dr. Shwetha bhatia made her comfortable and provided the best care & Treatment for her Professional & Lovely Nurse Nimmy behaved like a family member, Dr. Shweta Bhatia is very good to handle kids And well explaining the situation & treatments to parents Very Nice and clean place, I would recommend anyone for their Pediatric dental needs. I visited this medical centre couple of times for my daughter, overall experience was very good.. Thanks to the entire team. Highly recommended place !!! regards Jayesh & Family


We were visiting from UK when our son who is 7 years old needed immediate dental care. We are beyond pleased with the cleanliness, the professionalism and the kindness starting from the receptionist to the doctor. They made our son feel at ease and was extremely kind and comforting towards him. We are very happy that we chose this medical centre and will definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Healthy Sutra

I have searched and gone to many dental clinics. New Bhatia Medical Center is the BEST so far. Decently priced services and very welcoming staff. Doctor, nurses and even the staff at reception made sure that our child is comfortable from the moment we entered the facility. Highly recommended.

Anu K. Singh

Excellent team. Really supportive and caring. They make us really comfortable during treatment. Best place for my family's dental care. My Wife and Son are really comfortable with Dr. Shweta and Dr. Huma and their support staff

Sajith KS

Excellent doctor and nurse ,they were really patient with my little child who refused for treatment.highly trained doctor ,I would highly recommend new bhatia medical centre.

Rawthar Shah

Just Fantastic , My Son (10yrs old) and I were nervous for two different reasons. He for the fear of going to the dentist and I because of covid. Both our fear disappeared the moment we set our feet inside the clinic. The best thing is that they allot the appointment in such a way that no 2 patient are there at the clinic at the same time. Its like you have the whole clinic to yourself. We were greeted by the wonderful nurse who sanitised our hands and checked our temperature. The nurse was very friendly and was chatting with my son putting him at ease on realising that he was nervous. Once the doctor arrived she along with the nurse took their time talking to my son putting him at ease without rushing with the treatment. The doctor was kind enough to even answer questions and gave tips regarding my daughter who was not present at the time. The treatment ( 2 extraction and scaling ) was painless . How do I know if it was painless , when your son tells you that he wants all his future treatment done in this clinic , you realise as a parent that you have come to the right place. Thankyou Guys.


Wonderful experience by all staff of new bhatia medical centre, hospitality and attention towards patient is appreciable, thorough out the process I am very well satisfied and recommendable to all visit directly without looking anywhere if any tooth related issue arise with your kids. Hats OFF and overwhelmed service regards Jazib

-Jazib Rahman

If your child is afraid of dentist and doc Then all of the parents have a good choice ,go go to new bhatia medical centre. They are amazing . Particularly doctor Shweta Bhatia. My daughter used to cry and was not allowing any dentist to even check her condition . Then she met the doc and without any crying she took 5 tooth and had her cleaning /scaling done very comfortably. Thanks to doc and team .

-Pradeep Kumar

New Bhatia Clinic, amazing service, friendly staff, We went there for my 9 years old daughter's tooth extraction, I personally thank Dr. Shweta (Pediatric Dentist) for making tooth extraction procedure very simple and smooth. We were very afraid about the whole situation and we thought that its going to be very difficult because the extraction procedure it self is very painful but all credit goes to Dr. Shweta, she made this very easy for my daughter. Hats off and keep up the good work.

-syed hussaini

We had amazing experience in New bhatia dental clinic Doctor Shweta good approach and expert advice helps parents for the children remedial measures. Good ambience. Friendly sister and staff. Highly recommended for child dental care. Best wishes from Anand family


I was searching online for a pediatric dentist. I found New Bhatia Medical Center in Sharjah. I had no regret for bringing my 5 years old daughter there. My daughter was initially very nervous but her Doctor and nurse made her feel so comfortable. Her first dental experience was a huge success and was done smoothly. This is really the best pediatric dentist I’ve ever been to..

-Tess Kallu

❤️❤️❤️Excellent pediatric dental clinic in sharjah. well experienced doctor and nurse in clinic. Thank you so much for the support and care to my child .friendly atmosphere for the kids.❤️💜❤️


Best Dentist for kids in Dubai/Sharjah I have ever been to. Very professional and experienced doctor. She was very gentle and kind the children. Great service. Highly recommended.

Manny Bluggar

Superb team! Dr. Shweta was very kind and sweet that your child won’t get frightened having their teeth checked. She was absolutely professional and so mindful of dealing with kids. Its such a delight going there even the kids are excited cos they would have little treats after their check up! Her nurse is so professional and well experienced as well. Overall i recommend Dr. Bhatia’s clinic for their professionalism and dedication. Everybody in the clinic are all smiles and friendly! They are really a blessing and its such a pleasure going there! God bless their compassionate hearts! ❤️

Michelle Cruz

Pediatric Dentist Sharjah, Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai
Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
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Best Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist Near Me
Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist Near Me
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Best Pediatric Dentist in Sharjah
Dr. Shweta Bhatia is the Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai
Pediatric Dentist Dubai
Pediatric Dentist in Dubai
Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist Dubai
Kids Dentist
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